A new venture…

I have worked as a careers adviser / coach with young people for a decade now, and I love it. But since having my little girl, I have really started to notice how many mums don’t enjoy their career and I would love to do something about it. It can be even harder being in a work role that’s not quite right when you have the extra demands of a family. At the same time it is challenging to find the time to even start to think about a possible change. Loving what I do at work makes so much difference to my life in general and as a mum, and I want to start helping others experience that too.

So alongside my work with young people, I am also going to offer one to one coaching sessions for mums via video chat, with access to email support between sessions. The focus will of course vary depending on individual clients, but the aim will be to help you get unstuck with your careers ideas. From initial research I have found that many people just don’t know where to start, either with no ideas or so many ideas that they don’t know what to focus on. We will work on getting “unstuck”, becoming clear on your goals, explore ideas and then narrow down options for more detailed research. Finally the focus will move to creating a clear and achievable plan and to help you move forward towards your goal.

I am in the early phases of this idea and am doing a lot of research, so I would love some feedback on what you would be looking for when considering career coaching. I have put together a short survey which you can find here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/FSR5RKB

The survey also includes the option to leave contact details for anyone who would be interested in a one off free coaching session in return for feedback. Thanks for reading!


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