Welcome to Metis Careers Advice and Coaching

My name is Theresa Petzold and I am an independent careers adviser and coach based in Southampton, Hampshire.

I support young people, and of course their parents, to navigate the many opportunities and challenges they face when making choices on education, training and career options. I provide high quality careers support that is tailored to individual needs and accessible to as many people as possible. Support from a professional and well qualified adviser is an investment in your future and can help people at all stages in their career to make the right choices for them.



The Benefits of Careers Advice and Coaching

Careers advice and coaching can help to raise young people's aspirations by supporting them to achieve a better understanding of the opportunities available to them. Being aware of how to achieve goals and working out a realistic plan for next steps improves motivation and self-confidence, and becoming more aware of how current studies relate to possible future opportunities can improve attendance and success in education.

I belief that access to good quality careers advice and guidance it important for everyone making decisions about their education, training and future working life. The sheer range of options and the constant changes in the education system can make it difficult for people to make an informed choice. The support offered in school and colleges can of course be good, but funding has been cut extensively over the last few years and provision has been reduced drastically in many areas. Therefore, support might not be available on a one to one basis, or only at specific times during your education, which might not necessarily be when you feel you need it most. You might think you don’t have any choices, might have changed your mind since you last received any support or simply do not know where to start.

I focus on working with young people between the ages of 14 to early 20s, from selecting GCSE or college options, to university, apprenticeship and occupation choices. I work very much in collaboration with my clients and this requires you to engage with the process, from answering questions honestly to completing activities that have been agreed. Whilst I cannot have all the answers or make decisions for you, I can support you in becoming clearer on your personal interests, passions and preferences, and then help you find and reflect on the information you need to design your own plan for your next steps.

Details on the support I offer can be found under the tabs at the top of this page. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your individual requirements please do not hesitate to contact me.

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